Launch Properties is a leading developer and investor of healthcare real estate in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.  Healthcare real estate is a full-time business for us and we measure our success based on your terms.  We know our market, clients, and prospects – and we know what’s important to you too.  At Launch Properties, we leverage our skills and expertise to drive value to your project, while staying transparent, flexible, and determined until its completion.


As population focused care requires additional care points, we successfully develop to fill market gaps.  As the opportunity to upgrade well located, but obsolete, non-healthcare buildings into higher and better uses, we creatively repurpose buildings to bridge retail and healthcare.  As sources of capital to fund healthcare expansion are scarce, we partner with healthcare providers to capitalize projects, so those scarce funds can be redeployed towards provider recruitment or technology.  Looking forward, we expect continued expansion of healthcare real estate and you’ll find us at the forefront of its development.